Why Unkle may (and will) help you?

No more standard conditions for accepting a file with Unkle

In France, in order to rent an apartment easily and quickly, you need to:

  • Have a stable situation (permanent contract)
  • Have a strong guarantor
  • Have a French banking history
  • Earn at least three times the rent

If you miss one of these conditions, you will have difficulty finding accommodation quickly and easily in France.

Unkle is an online guarantor that reassure your future owner to pay your rent each month no matter your status or nationality.

  • Unkle will boost your application to make it easier for you to convince an owner that no matter you are a foreigner or expatriate, you are the perfect fit for him !
  • Unkle can go up to an effort rate of 42% vs. the classic 33% on the French market (earn at least 3 times the rent). Don’t you earn three times the rent? Unkle can still guarantee your rent as long as you have the ability to pay it!
  • Unkle is a French company insured by a French insurer: say hello to your French banking history in France!
  • Unkle guarantees all types of profiles: whether you are expatriates, foreigners, on permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts, freelancers, freelancers, self-employed, self-employed, shared accommodation, students, young workers, probationary workers, retired people (etc.), Unkle will be delighted to be your guarantor!

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