Why a guarantor?

Unkle as a guarantor is the assurance of being compensated in case of unpaid rents

According to one statistic, 80% of landlords ask their tenants for a guarantee (for example a parental guarantee or a bank guarantee). You are probably one of those 80%. 

Unkle is a digital rental guarantee, your 100% online guarantor (covered by the leader in unpaid rental insurance on the French market, Sada Assurances).

The Unkle Renter Guarantee is free for one owner.

At Unkle, we are committed to a transparent procedure and process to immediately refund you for uncollected rent. 

With us, there is no problem of mandatory mentioning in a surety bond, no problem of human conflicts. 

From the moment your tenant takes out the Unkle guarantee, you are covered and in very good hands!

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