What should I put in my lease agreement when Unkle is the guarantor?

Unkle does not need to be mentioned in the lease agreement because you have the guarantee agreement

When drafting your lease agreement, remember to include the resolutive clause. This clause provides, in the event of a tenant’s failure to meet one of his obligations, to terminate the lease automatically, without the courts being able to oppose it. The resolutive clause is automatic. 

If you use a classic lease model, this clause is very often included.

Here is an example of a clause that you can use if your contract does not include one:
“In the event of non-payment of all or part of the rent, charges or security deposit and two months after the order to pay has remained unpaid, this contract will be terminated immediately and by operation of law. The landlord may, in the event that the tenant does not leave the premises, compel him to do so by a simple summary order.

This contract shall also be terminated immediately and by operation of law:

  • in case of non-payment of the security deposit
  • if the tenant does not have rental risk insurance (unless the landlord has taken out insurance for the tenant)
  • in case of neighborhood disturbance established by a court order.”

You don’t need to mention Unkle in your lease agreement since you have the Unkle guarantee contract. You can add the individual membership form that you have signed in the appendices of the lease contract if you wish.

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