What is Unkle?

Unkle enables landlords and tenants to rent faster, easier and more securely

Landlords tend to take the case that offers them the best guarantees. Are you tired of wasting your time and seeing all the apartments running out from under your nose? 

With Unkle, your landlord is reassured and guaranteed against unpaid rent. Your chances of finding a place to live are multiplied by 10. As soon as your file is verified and certified, Unkle will vouch for you and contact your landlord or agency to boost your file. Once the landlord’s agreement is received, you pay the first premium and the guarantee is put in place.

Don’t miss any more accommodation that you like, submit your file in less than 3 minutes.

Unkle secures your rents to ensure that you are paid monthly by your tenant. You are reimbursed in 15 days of all unpaid rent from the 1er day and from the 1er euro.

Choose your tenants, have Unkle check your tenants’ records and be guaranteed against unpaid rent.

Unkle offers two guarantees:

  • The Unkle Tenant Guarantee : a guarantee against unpaid rents at the expense of the tenant, free of charge for owners

  • An insurance against unpaid rents at the expense of the owner, from 2% of the rent cherches included

Discover the details of our tenant guarantee and our insurance for unpaid rent by clicking here.

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