What is the Unkle Renter Guarantee?

Unkle offers you the Renter Guarantee which protects you as a landlord against the risk of unpaid rents

As a landlord, we imagine that your first reflex is to favour a tenant file that involves the least risk and offers you the best guarantees. 

Nevertheless, despite the careful choice of a tenant, many landlords face unpaid rents and tenants in bad faith. 

Based on this observation, Unkle selects tenants and becomes their guarantor to guarantee the solidity of the rental file.

With the Unkle Renter Guarantee, you are provided with a free protection against all potential unpaid rents from the tenant.

No more stress of unpaid rent: if your tenant does not pay you a rent, Unkle takes over directly as a joint and several guarantee. We are covered by Sada Assurances, the leader in unpaid rent guarantees (largest portfolio in France of Axa Assurances), which has more than two billion of its own funds to ensure you the best possible guarantee against any unpaid rent.

Do not hesitate any more the registration takes less than 3 minutes!

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