What documents do you need?

Unkle adapts to every situation: depending on your professional status, we will ask you for certain documents

For a detailed list of the documents to be provided, you must first complete your registration on our site as each situation has its own characteristics.

From a global point of view, you can already provide yourself with the following elements:

  • your identity card or passport  
  • your employment contract if you are an employee or your extrait K-bis if you’re a freelance or merchant
  • your last two paychecks or proof of income (invoices, pay slips) if you are self-employed
  • your last tax notice (no need of this document for a foreigner or an expatriate)

You also have the option of giving us any other document that may explain your current financial situation: for example, your latest bank statements or any other document attesting to your financial health.

Are you missing any of the requested documents? Write to us and we will see how we can help you best.

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