What are the advantages of the Unkle Landlord Guarantee compared to other solutions on the market?

The Unkle Landlord Guarantee brings you real insurance in case of non-payment and, above all, durability!

Unkle brings you a wide coverage: Unkle covers all unpaid rent (including charges) by the tenant up to a maximum amount of € 100,000 of unpaid rent;

Property damage can be covered up to €10,000 and legal protection up to €15,000. ( depending on your contract)

Unkle brings you simple coverage: no deductible, no waiting period!

Unkle brings you a very serene cover: Unkle guarantees that you will be paid at the end of each month: in case of unpaid invoices, you will be reimbursed within 15 days; above all, we check the tenants’ files to make sure that they comply with our contracts.

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