If the tenant leaves before the end of his lease, what happens ? Can my coverage be transferred to another tenant ?

The steps when your tenant leaves the premises are very simple

You are fully covered for the duration of your lease and as long as the tenant is in the premises! If he leaves before the end of his lease, no problem, send us a copy of his notice or your inventory of fixtures by mail at proprietaire@unkle.fr. 

You can then transfer your protection to your next tenant (by sending us the complete file of this one at the latest within one month after the signature of the lease). You can also terminate your contract with Unkle if you wish.

Please keep in mind that if you wish to terminate the Unkle Landlord Guarantee, you must respect a notice period of 3 months.

Do not hesitate to recommend us to your next tenant. We will be happy to cover you again! 

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