How does it work?

Unkle is a 100% online service: in less than 3 minutes, you get your Eligibility Certificate!

Getting the Unkle Renter Guarantee is quick and easy. 

You must: 

  • complete the questionnaire (less than 3 minutes) 
  • upload your documents (less than 5 minutes) 

Once your request is validated and your file is complete, we study your application and give you an answer within 24 hours.

We then send you a Unkle Eligibility Certificate that you can present to your owner. This Unkle Eligibility Certificate guarantees your owner that you can be covered by Unkle. Your landlord is now confident that he or she will be able to receive his or her rent every month. Your file therefore becomes stronger and much more attractive. 

Once the owner’s agreement is obtained, you can sign with him and with Unkle the guarantee contract. You will then sign with him your residential lease.

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