Does Unkle work for flatsharing?

Unkle is a guarantor for flat-shares, whether in individual or joint leases

The Unkle guarantee can be used for a shared flat. There are two situations that arise when you share a flat:

  • You have signed an individual lease, in which case Unkle guarantees only for the amount of rent you pay
  • You have signed a joint lease, in which case Unkle will be the guarantor for the total amount of rent.

When subscribing on our site, you can indicate that you wish to rent an apartment with several people. If you are signing a joint lease, all the roommates will have to provide their supporting documents, and only one person will be billed for the guarantee (it is up to all the roommates to sort out the individual cost of the guarantee). 

Bonus for flatmates: the rate remains unchanged (the guarantee remains at 3.5% of the total rent and the fee is to be shared between the flatmates)!

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