By creating a profile on Unkle and meeting the eligibility requirements, the tenant can access a Unkle Eligibility Certificate.

This Eligibility Certificate means that the tenant is pre-validated and that Unkle can be its guarantor if the documents provided by the tenant correspond to the information provided.

To be guaranteed by your tenant, it will be necessary that the tenant pays his guarantee on our platform.

Only after payment and subsequent signature of the documents will you be covered.

Once payment is made by the tenant, you will receive three documents by mail to proceed at the digital signing:

  • an individual application for membership: this document is a request on your part to be guaranteed free of charge by Unkle thanks to the payment of your tenant
  • an information notice: this notice includes the protection you benefit from and which is already explained in the individual application for membership
  • an individual membership form is the certificate from us proving that you are well covered by Unkle

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