Several cases may arise: 

  • A tenant presents you with a Unkle Eligibility Certificate: go for it, this tenant is the rare gem you need! We will contact you to validate together the details of the rental and you can sign your residential lease with the tenant after receiving a Unkle guarantee deed. 
  • You can talk to a tenant about our service and offer to subscribe to our service. 
  • Your real estate agency suggested our use. 

In all these cases, it is the tenant who fills out his Unkle file online in order to obtain an Eligibility Certificate from us. 

Once you have obtained the Eligibility Certificate, you can validate the information on your accommodation. 

You will then receive from us an individual application for membership to sign to indicate your desire to be attached to the group contract that we have negotiated with our insurer. 

Following this sending, you receive an individual membership form which guarantees that Unkle is the guarantor of your tenant in the event of unpaid rents.

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