The Unkle Renter Guarantee is a free guarantee for landlords that secures them against all unpaid rents.

The tenant needs a guarantor, you need security.

Unkle therefore becomes the tenant's guarantor to bring you the same effects free of charge as a guarantee of unpaid rent that you could have taken out.

  • Unkle provides you with a wide coverage: Unkle covers all unpaid rents (including charges) by the tenant;
  • Unkle brings you peace of mind and security: Unkle guarantees that you will be paid at the end of each month;
  • Unkle reduces your rental vacancy time: no need to waste time selecting a better file, the Unkle tenant is already the best file for you!
  • Unkle reduces the number of vacant homes: we want to restore the bond of trust between a tenant and an owner: what better proof for a landlord than a tenant who arrives with the best guarantee on the market!

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