A lot of people talk about us! You will not have the completeness here but it is a good start to reassure yourself;) !

  • BFM video of March 25, 2019 (Tech & Co issue): here
  • Europe 1 video of September 17, 2019: here 

Some links of articles in Bulk:

  • Challenges - Unkle facilitates access to housing for tenants: here 
  • Journal de l'Agence - Unkle vouches for the tenants: here 
  • Paris - Winners of the 2019 Edition of the Paris Innovation Grand Prix: here 
  • Libération - What's new in the world of real estate agent: here 
  • Orpi - Unkle, winner of the startup "Rent / Orpi" competition: here 
  • Maddyness - Unkle raises €1 million: here 
  • La Tribune - Reinventing Insurance with Startups: here 
  • Le Monde du Droit - Winners of Start You Up: here 

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Why a guarantor?
Who's behind Unkle?
Is Unkle safe?
Is Unkle better and safer than a natural person that would be guarantor?
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