The application is completely free of charge. 

You can fill in the questionnaire on our website and you will arrive directly on your Renter User Space.

Once you have completed your questionnaire and uploaded your documents to the user space area, a Unkle Eligibility Certificate will be sent to you free of charge if you meet the necessary conditions to be covered.

This certificate will help you to obtain accommodation from the owners more easily.

Do not hesitate to indicate your banking information so that your file is complete, our team will check your file only then.

You will not start paying until you have found your apartment and signed your lease.

Learn more: 

How long will it take me?
I haven't found accommodation, do I still have to pay anything?
What documents do you need?
Is there a maximum rent that you can guarantee?
What are the conditions necessary to benefit from the Unkle Guarantee?

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