There are two prices for the Unkle Renter Guarantee:

  • You can choose an annual payment: this will cost you 2.8% of your rent (including charges) to be paid when you sign your lease.For example, if the rent for your apartment is €900, the Unkle Guarantee will cost you €302.4 per year or €25.2 per month.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a monthly payment: this will cost you 3.5% of the monthly rent. For example, if the rent for your apartment is €900, the Unkle guarantee will cost you €31.5/month.

The Unkle contribution is paid monthly or annually by direct debit. 

The minimum fee for the Unkle guarantee is €14.99/month.

You do not pay until you have found the apartment you are going to occupy. The end of the contribution is when you leave the apartment. For example, if your lease is for 3 years but you only stay for 1 year, you will only have to pay the Unkle guarantee for 1 year.

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