In France, you need to comply with 4 requirements to rent easily a place:

  1. A permanent contract (CDI)
  2. A strong guarantor (a guarantee that will be here to pay the rent if you are unable to do it)
  3. A French bank history (owners tend to take renters that have a rental history in France + a french bank account)
  4. Earn at least 3 times the rent

If you do not comply with one of these 4 requirements, you will have difficulties and you can use services such as Unkle.

Owners tend to take the application that offers them the best guarantees. Are you tired of wasting your time and seeing all the apartments go by under your nose? 

Unkle is the guarantor that boosts your rental file. We guarantee the solidity of your application to an owner: your owner is protected against the risks of non-payment and therefore has every interest in choosing you as a future tenant even if you are a foreigner. 

Unkle is a bit like your uncle who helps you access housing easily and quickly!

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